Experience the R&M Fence in Wood Privacy Fencing

Specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial fencing since 1999, R&M Fence is the premier name in the Kentucky fencing industry.

For over 20 years, our wood privacy fences have provided homeowners with a sense of security without sacrificing the aesthetic of their yards.

Why Choose R&M Fence for your Wood Privacy Fencing Needs?

Opting for a wood privacy fence through R&M Fence ensures a harmony of privacy and ambiance. Your security and property delineation are proudly marked by a privacy fence. Each member of The R&M fencing team is a crafter, striving for excellence in every fence.

Your wood privacy fence would represent the workmanship and dedication of our team. Bringing exceptional quality through every step, from selecting the finest wood to the installation, you can rest knowing your fence will withstand the test of time and weather the elements.

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Craftsmanship from our Skilled Team of Experts

Our team has been crafting and installing for over two decades and we continue to reign in the fencing industry because of our team. R&M Fence runs on the pride of our respect and professionalism, starting each build by building a game plan with you. Your wood privacy fence installation would be efficient yet quality.

All of our wood privacy fences are designed by multi-skilled professionals and, with precision and immaculate attention to detail, our fences become more than just boundary markings. We ensure our experts place care in each step of the process so you’ll be amazed by the finished fence.

The Longevity of our Premium Wooden Privacy Fencing

Regardless of the motives for your decision for a private wood fence, we use materials and techniques that guarantee your security. With an unparalleled dedication to quality, R&M Fence constructs fencing that will embody the aesthetic appeal you are seeking while ensuring longevity and durability.

We prioritize your fence, ensuring quality upon build. But, if anything looks off, we’re a phone call away for any questions about maintenance issues that may arise.

Setting High Standards and Quality in Fencing Solutions

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer, R&M’s wood privacy fencing is perfect for you. Wood is a renewable resource that provides homeowners with a sustainable alternative, rather than other fencing materials such as chain link or aluminum. You can reduce your carbon footprint and promote environmentalism by choosing a private wood fence.

R&M Fence sources wood from certified suppliers that adhere to strict and ethical lumber harvesting practices, demonstrating a prioritization of biodiversity and preservation. We care about quality fencing that promotes a greener future.

We Provide Customization Options for Your Wood Privacy Fence

Wood is one of the most customizable fencing materials, so your privacy wood fencing will perfectly complement your aesthetic preferences.

We maintain a large inventory of wood that may suit your ideal fencing look, but if you fail to find something to your liking, we offer special ordering. Ensuring you are pleased with your wood privacy fencing is our number one priority.

R&M Fence’s Signature Wooden Privacy Fence Styles

We offer 10 different styles of fences, including our signature privacy wood fence.

Our customers notice and appreciate our dedication.

“Thank you for the wonderful job at our home. We are so happy to be able to let our dog roam her backyard with no worries. We appreciate your quick work and the quality of your work.” – The Branams

“I have nothing but good things to say about Nick and Flaco, and the others who put up our fence. They did a good job, and were very helpful, answered questions, and offered good ideas.” – Mark Steffen

“I would like to compliment the crew that installed the fence. They made sure to ask us questions and get the game plan of what we wanted before starting the install. They were incredibly respectful and professional. They worked very efficiently. You have an amazing crew with that one.” – Andrew Jones

A Homegrown Fence

As a trusted fencing company in Kentucky for over 20 years, we have made our mark on the community. With each nail and picket, we acknowledge the history, culture, and people and create fences that embody Kentucky. We want to work with you and build wood privacy fences that are more than just pieces of wood; we make fences for your needs and aesthetic designs.

Free Consultation and Estimates

At R&M Fence, we’re dedicated to transparency. We know the best decisions are well-informed, so we provide free consultations and estimates to support your consideration of privacy wood fencing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wood privacy fence, and why should I choose it?

A wood privacy fence is a fence designed to provide privacy and security. Wood pickets are placed next to each other with very few gaps, blocking the outside view. Choosing a wood privacy fence grants you with defense while also adding aesthetic charm to your property.

How does R&M Fence ensure the quality and durability of their wood privacy fences?

With dedicated and expert team members, each fence is built with extreme attention to detail, the best hand-selected materials, and the best techniques to create quality and durable wood privacy fences. We perform quality checks and prioritize your questions.

How do I care for my wood privacy fence?

Caring for and maintaining your wood privacy fence regularly ensures longevity and durability. Regularly clean and inspect your fence, clearing dirt and debris, and look for signs of damaged planks or loose boards. Apply sealants to protect the wood from water damage and prevent pests. If you parktake in routine maintenance your wood privacy fence will last lifetimes.

Can I choose customization options for a privacy wood fence?

Yes! A privacy wood fence can add a rustic look to your property, but you can select from many types of wood, add metals to your planks, or add different colored stains. Our team is eager to work with your aesthetic desires.

How does R&M Fence prioritize environmental sustainability in their wood privacy fencing solutions?

R&M is committed to eco-friendly practices and provides ethically sourced and harvested wood. Wood privacy fences are made with renewable resources and will reduce your carbon footprint.